Ariyana Becomes A Huge Competitor To Other Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestants?

 - Sakshi Post

With each passing day, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is getting intriguing and interesting for the audience. We are getting to see new colours of the contestants in each episode. The latest season is inching towards the ninth week and the makers are yet to announce the contestants nominated for this week's eviction. Actually, the show should have completed the nomination process in the Monday episode but they couldn’t do so as inmates' reasons for nominating other contestants is taking a longer time than expected. Another interesting and major fight between Abhijeet and Amma Rajasekhar will take place in tonight’s episode which the audience are eagerly waiting to watch.

Ariyana is the eighth captain of the house and it is the biggest power in Bigg Boss. As you all know, it comes with huge responsibilities to manage the house. She has become an amazing captain in this season where very few of them managed to prove their mettle as a captain. On Monday episode, Ariyana asked Sohel to fetch four buckets of water as he was caught  sleeping in the house, which is given as punishment in the house for whoever sleeps. Ariyana asked him to do it now, but Sohel requested her that he would do it in the evening but Ariyana also requested and suggested him to do or not, it's his choice which led to a heated argument. Later, Ariyana nominated Sohel for this week's eviction. Ariyana's captaincy makes every housemates go crazy as she is being so strict in the house.

According to the social media buzz, Ariyana is a very straightforward person and she is playing a genuine game compared to other contestants. She is putting effort in every task and not diverting from her goal. Netizens are hailing for her performance in the show. That’s not all, Ariyana is dominating other female contestants like-Dethadi Harika, Lasya and Monal. She has become extremely popular among these female contestants. Ariyana may reach into top finalists, if she continues the game with the same spirit. Ariyana's graph has been rising with each day and she has all qualities to be in the top 3 of this. Looks like Ariyana's popularity is expected to become a problem for Avinash, Abhijeet, Akhil, Sohel who are the frontrunners to clinch the title of this season.

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