Akkineni Fans Can't Wait For Akhil5 To Release!

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Akkineni fans have been waiting for a big update from long. They wanted Nagarjuna, Akkineni Akhil or Naga Chaitanya to announce a crazy project with a director that has huge market. But the actors have been concentrating on medium budget films and safe bets. 

But such films too did not work out. Except for Naga Chaitanya's Majili and Premam, none of the films at the box office for fans to talk about. Adding more salt to the wounds - Officer and Manmandhudu 2 from Nagarjuna have become his biggest flops. 

So, when Akhil5 got announced on 9th September, the fans of the Akkineni clan just couldn't contain their excitement. By the looks of it, many people belonging to other fan groups also welcomed this move from Akhil. 

The young actor announced his 5th film with director, Surender Reddy and this film is rumoured to be mounted on a big scale. Surender himself will produce the film on Surender 2 Cinema along with AK Entertainments. 

The movie will start shooting in October and Akhil built a chiselled body to star in this film. Fans want such crazy projects from the young actor. Their logic is that if they work, they will give him star image and even if they don't, they will take him into masses and improve opening day returns. Let's also join them and say, all the best, Akhil. 

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