Akhil's Mother Angry With Monal For Distracting Son In Bigg Boss House

 - Sakshi Post

 It has been more than two months Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is went on air. The host of the show Akkineni Nagarjuna has introduced 16 contestants during the launch of the show. Later, there were three wild card entries and the total contestants were 19. Now, only nine contestants are locked up in the house.

The evicted contestants are right from Suriya Kiran to Mehboob for the past few weeks. Noel and Gangavva have walked out of the house citing health reasons. The makers are coming up with different strategies to impress the audience as the show received a lot of flak on social media. The makers of the show have given more footage to Monal which became as a headache to her. Yes, what you read is absolutely right.

Recently, Akhil’s mother expressed her desire to come to the show to meet her son and to cheer him to play the game well. There’s no doubt, she is closely following the show. She is seen talking with every contestant but she ignored Akhil’s best friend Monal Gajjar. Akhil who understood her mom is ignoring Monal, he had introduced Monal to his mom.

Akhil’s mother is seen saying yes she is your best friend. Later, she praised Dethadi Harika by saying that I wish I could have daughter like you. Looks like Akhil’s mother could have indirectly insulted her. In another words, she might be furious at Monal as her son is getting distracted from the game due to her. In one of the unseen videos, Akhil is seen discussing with Ariyana ‘ My mother hasn’t spoken well with Monal and she seems to have ignored her. When I said Monal, my mom was saying she is your friend that’s it. I’m unable to understand what’s happening outside. I became blank with my mom’s behavior. We don’t know why Akhil’s mother ignored her and the answer are best known to her.

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