Akhil Secret Room Plan On Bigg Boss Telugu Becomes A Flop

 - Sakshi Post

Akkineni Nagarjuna and Bigg Boss show organizers are implementing different strategies to attract the audience as well as to get solid TRPs rating. Many of the show lovers are rejecting the show as there no content to watch. One of the primary reasons that contestants are not familiar to the audience except Abhijeet and Lasya. None of them seems to have a game spirit and they are not focused on the game. The housemates are giving value to their friendship and the game compete spirit seems to be down among them.

Recently, Bigg Boss organizers planned to surprise the audience by sending Akhil into a sent room. Sadly, Akhil and the other housemates aware that he is going to a secret room. Abhijeet is seen telling to the camera ‘You are hearing and seeing indicating to Akhil that he is also aware that Akhil is in a secret room. Akhil who won’t give up easily in any task, how come he agreed to leave the house without defending himself with Bigg Boss. Abhijeet is seen telling in the video that Akhil and his friends have a different angle of sending him out of the house. Looks like Bigg Boos secret room planned failed to grab the audience attention. Akhil nailed in acting to gain sympathy from the audience. Take a look at the tweets:

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