Is Akhil Sarthak Getting Inspiration From Bigg Boss Telugu Host Nagarjuna?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is currently underway with superstar Nagarjuna and the choice of the contestants has under some flak from the show buffs. The show is receiving a thumping response from all quarters.  This season, Abhijeet, Akhil, Avinash, Ariyana and Sohel have emerged as the most popular and talked about contestants on the show, thanks to their nasty fights in the house. Akhil and Sohel, who are used to be friends, have turned foes, not a day goes by when they don’t engage in violent fights. They are taking away the limelight from other contestants.

In an unseen video, Akhil is seeing calling Sohel ‘Barking Dogs Never Bite’.  In an unseen video, All the housemates were in the kitchen area along with Akhil and Sohel. Akhil said that Sohel knows cooking but he is escaping from it. Then Lasya continued that I will make Sohel do to cooking from onwards. Sohel continued that I’m ready to do. Akhil who intervened and said to Sohel that you can’t do it just take light, he went on said that ‘Barking Dogs Never bite’. Sohel was shocked to hear those words from his dear friend Akhil but he was silent without uttering a word but deep down he was hurt with Akhil’s dog words. It was clearly visible in the video. Abhijeet, Amma Rajasekhar, Harika and few contestants were laughing at Sohel for calling him a dog. Akhil tried to console him but Sohel was upset.

If you may recall, in of the episode Nagarjuna said these words to Sohel and he also compared Sohel angry with Dog, "Nuvvu picchi kukka laa yenduku arusthunnaavu?", which translated into English means, "Why are you barking like a mad dog?". Nagarjuna advised him to control his temper and said that he is playing the game well. If you control your anger then you would reach to a good position. Looks like Akhil might have drawing inspiration from Nagarjuna. Akhil comparing Sohel with a dog is really didn’t go well with the audience. Sohel fans are deeply disappointed with Akhil comments who should support him as a friend but making fun at him with other housemates is insulting their friendship. Netizens are calling him as the worst contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu.

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