After That One Bad Word, Will Mehboob Survive In Bigg Boss 4 Telugu House?

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has been testing the contestants in every possible way. The reality show is putting all the contestants in tough situations. In yesterday's episode, Mehboob lost his temper and used harsh language towards his fellow inmates. This became the reason for a heated argument with Akhil prompting all the inmates to advise him to be careful with the choice of his words.

His intemperate behaviour was found to be so offending that even his close friend in the house Sohail too expressed his displeasure in a polite way. Sohail told Mehboob, “You did everything perfect in the task until you used that word. It is really not an appropriate choice. We shouldn’t use those types of words in the house.” Pushed onto the backfoot, Mehboob realized his mistake and was later seen apologizing to Akhil, Abhijeet and Avinash.

During the third week, there were reports that hinted at the strong possibility of Mehboob being eliminated from the house. Luckily, he was saved from the crucial elimination and the axe fell on Devi Nagavalli, who was evicted. Incidentally, Mehboob was in the nominations since the beginning of the show but has managed to escape elimination four times. Luckily, this week Mehboob is not in the nominations list.

There are already adverse opinions floating around social media platforms targeting Mehboob for his foul language. Some netizens came up with their frank viewpoint on Twitter. “We didn’t really like the way Mehboob used that word because the show is being watched by youngsters, kids and senior citizens. He should be careful with his language,” they felt.

However, there are a few who are rather in a forgiving mood. They say these kinds of harsh verbal attacks and fights are common in Bigg Boss house. Some of them are demanding the show organisers to eliminate Mehboob from the show.

Following last night’s drama in the house, the one question that is being posed on Twitter is, how long Mehboob is going to survive in the house after making a mess of the hotel task with his behaviour? Many on social media also anticipate a good dressing down from show host Nagarjuna for this brawny contestant during the weekend episode.

Now that Mehboob admitted his mistake and apologized to the inmates, will Nagarjuna let him off the hook with a mild warning or is he going to be taken to task? Will this turn of events eventually affect Mehboob’s prospects of surviving in the house? Well, we will get all the answers during this weekend and beyond.

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