After Devi Nagavalli, Sohail Stares At Elimination From Bigg Boss Telugu 4 House

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna has been hitting headlines for multiple reasons ever since it started on StarMaa. So far, contestants like Akhil, Monal, Sohail, Mehboob and Abhijeet are able to grab the viewers’ eyeballs with their antics. Viewer opinion on these ebullient inmates could vary from good to bad but the fact is that they were successful in making the audience sit up and take notice of what they are doing inside the house.

One of these is Sohail who is also trending at times on social media platforms. Interestingly, Sohail seems to have stepped up his game-play by many notches especially since the beginning of this week where he was nominated for elimination. As most of the Bigg Boss show followers would know, the weekly activity tasks to save contestants from eviction are never meant to follow scruples. They are known for testing the contestants' patience, never-say-die commitment and mental toughness.

During the tasks, the real sides of contestants’ personalities come to the fore and interpersonal relationships also get altered in the process. In one of the most recent episodes, Sohail lost his temper and had a heated altercation with Amma Rajasekhar over the stealing of coins. For now, Sohail appears to be a mixed bag when it comes to winning the audiences’ trust. A section of the show lovers are finding his aggressive behaviour somewhat overbearing while a few others appear to be liking the way he has played the coins collection task right through the night.

But, here is a piece of distressing news that can prove to be a bitter pill to swallow for Sohail supporters. We hear that Sohail might get eliminated this week. If reports are to be believed, Sohail may be that one contestant who will be shown the door during this weekend. But here is the twist. He will leave the house for sure but only to enter the secret room, the speculations claim. If this proves to be true, then he will be entering the secret room for the second time. Remember, both Sohail and Ariyana did not enter the house directly and instead they were put up in the secret room for a few days before they were allowed inside.

Sohail, as the speculations suggest, will be sent to the secret room to control his anger as well as to understand the rest of the inmates much better. Earlier, there were reports that the makers thought of sending Harika and Devi Nagavalli to the secret room as part of a fake elimination but that did not happen. One is not sure if the speculation about Sohail’s fake elimination will end up as the truth or fall by the wayside but this piece of news has already started to trend big time on social media. Well, for this suspense to end, we will have to wait until Nagarjuna pronounces the elimination on coming Sunday.

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