Adivi Sesh's Major Movie Total Collections Till Now

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Young actor Adivi Sesh is making the headlines a lot lately because of his recent outing Major. The film is performing well at the box office. The film was released along with Kamal Haasan's Vikram.

Yet, Adivi Sesh's Major was able to do good business at the worldwide box office.

So far, Adivi Sesh's Major has raked in Rs 66 cr gross at the worldwide box office. It is an astounding figure for small films. There are many big-budget films which were a total wash out in theatres due to weak content. Adivi Sesh's Major was able to fetch profits because of strong content and gripping direction.

Check out Adivi Sesh's Major box office collections:

GBO numbers:

Nizam: ₹17cr

Andhra: ₹15cr

Ceded: ₹3.3cr

KA: ₹4.8cr

ROI: ₹14.4cr

Overseas: ₹12.1cr

Total gross: ₹66.6cr

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