Abhijeet-Akhil Can Play Game Well If Monal Gets Eliminated

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has been one of the most-watched reality shows in Telugu states. The show has been in the news ever since its premiere for multiple reasons. Undoubtedly, show lovers will be waiting to know what is going to happen in tonight's episode as Nagarjuna will be returning to the show. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has been doing quite well and fans are enjoying everyone's performance in the show.

There is a triangle love story happening in the Bigg Boss house between Monal, Abhijeet, and Akhil. The show organizers are also coming up with small video clips of these contestants in between the show to grab the audience's attention. It wouldn’t be a crime if we said that Nagarjuna is forcing Abhijeet to have a relationship with Monal. Although, Abhijeet knows that Monal likes him but he never told to anyone, always maintains a beautiful smile on his lips. Abhijeet could have been with her, if she was honest with him but she used to lie about housemates to him. Abhijeet considers Monal as a liar and he won’t believe in much her, started being distanced from her.

Akhil behaves Monal is the only person in the house and he always tries to help her in every task. They both had a heated argument during the nomination process, everyone thought they don’t talk but in no time they became friends. Netizens are demanding and suggesting show makers to Monal Gajjar as early as possible so that Abhijeet and Akhil can play the game well. Murmurs are doing the rounds Monal has most chances to leave the house this weekend but we have to wait and see whether Nagarjuna will come up will another plan to save her as Monal seems to be a favorite contestant of them.

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