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Many people dream of becoming an actor. They are willing to go to any length to pursue their goals. Sometimes, parents may or may not encourage, but they still believe in their instincts to prove themselves. They are so determined towards their goal, that they end up getting what they want. The latest Telugu sensation and Gorgeous actress Ananya is also one of them.

She had a dream of becoming an actor at age of 12. But, she waited for the time and opportunity to show her outstanding skills to the audience. Ananya made her grand digital debut with the web series  ‘30 Weds 21’. 

Currently, it is one of the most watched series on Youtube. That’s not all, Ananya’s the latest internet sensation and people are singing praises of her stellar performance in the web series. When she is making all the big noise on social media, we thought why not catch up with her for for an exclusive interview. In a telephonic interview with Sakshi Post, Ananya shared a few interesting things about her journey into the tinsel town.

How did 30 Weds 21 happen?

From the time I came into the picture, they wrote the script a couple of months ago.  Actually, the film unit was busy casting when I went for an audition. They auditioned me and informed me after a week that  I was  part of the project.

 Did you take any acting classes?

I never went for any acting classes, but I was a member of theatre club in my college. That experience has helped me a lot.

How and where was the web series shot amid Covid restrictions?

We shot the movie in a month at the writer's house. The entire shoot of the series was finished between the first and second wave of coronavirus.

Your comments on the insta followers?

I’m happy, overwhelmed and grateful that people are loving me so much, that’s all I can say.

How does it feel to get recognition overnight?

I’m happy that I met people's expectations. Expectations for my next movie will be high and I have to work hard to reach their expectations. I have now lost the freedom in doing little mistakes and I have to take care of what I do that’s a major feeling I’ve now.

What did your parents say after the web series success

They are very happy with the series' success. They keep telling me that they didn’t know I was such a great actor. They always saw me as a daughter and they have now started noticing my acting side

Do you want to become an actress full-time?
Maybe but I’m yet to complete my graduation. I’m still a graduation student.

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?
I just to want to be happy in what I want to be able to do as in my favorite choice of work, be it films or engineering job.

Which is your fav movie in Telugu
When it comes to old movies, Swathi Muthyam is my all-time favorite. Speaking about recent films, Awe is also my favorite film.

What are your hobbies?
Watching movies and web series.

Have you tried Tik Tok videos?
Yes, I used to do tik Tok videos a long back. Just for fun of it

 How many episodes are pending, still?

Overall, they are only six episodes. We will release each episode on Sunday. We could release all at a time but it is in its post-production stage, which is why it's getting delayed.


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