1948 Akhanda Bharat Movie Review

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1948 Akhanda Bharat has released in theatres. The movie is directed by Eswar Babu D. It is produced by  MY Maharshi under the banners M.Y.M Creations. The film features Alekya Shetty and Raghunandan in the lead roles.

Plot: After the British rulers declared independence for India, the partition of India and Pakistan took place . Lakhs of people lost their lives in communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims. Lakhs of people have come to India as refugees from Pakistan. In retaliation muslims in India were also attacked. Gandhi will begin his hunger strike at Delhi's Birla House demanding the release Rs 55 crore which was promised to give to Pakistan at the time of partition. How did  Gandhi's fasting angered some Members of the Hindu Mahasabha? One has to watch the film to know what motivated veer savarkar's disciples, Nathuram Godse, Narayan Apte and Mitra, who were the main persons involved in Gandhi's killing.

Performances: Alekya Shetty impresses with her acting chops. She does a commendable job in the film. Raghunandan Sanga and Dr Arya Vardhan Raaz does a stupendous job in the film.

Analysis: Raghunandan Sanga and Dr Arya Vardhan Raaz have enthralled us with their performance. The dialogues and screenplay of the film is decent to watch it out. We might have read many stories about Gandhi but seeing them through the movie is so realistic and a few of the scenes were heart-wrenching. Director Eswar Babu work of 1948 Akhand Bharat is crisp and taut.

Verdict: 1948 Akhanda Bharat is a decent entertainer

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