Tirupati: You Don't Have To Wait For Rooms Near Tirumala Temple

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 - Sakshi Post

The TTD has announced the good news to all the devotees who are visiting Tirumala. TTD has now introduced a  new process for pre-booking of rooms online. Earlier, devotees who pre-booked their rooms online had to go through a long process. They had to first go to the CRO office in Tirumala and from there, to the Sub-inquiry office to get a room. Devotees were wasting a lot of time in the process. "The TTD has decided to make changes to this process," stated Dial Your EO officials.

Now, devotees who are visiting Tirumala can scan their ticket at the Alipiri check post after which a text message is sent to the sub-inquiry office number. Devotees can go directly to that office and get rooms. The EO said the new process will be made available in another ten days. He said changes would be made to the Tirumala Tirupati Temple website so that devotees who buy tickets for Rs 300 special darshan online, can book rooms on the same screen.

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