Tirupati: Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy Pushpa Pallaki Seva

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Tirupati: The annual Anivara Asthanam celebration, which took place on Friday at Lord Venkateswara's ancient abode in Tirumala was marked by spiritual fervour. On the eve of the "Anivara Asthanam" annual festival, celebrated at the Tirumala temple on Friday, Lord Venkateswara, was presented with books of accounts for the previous year. This is one of the more than 450 significant festivals held at the Srivari temple each year.

In the presence of Viswaksena, the commander-in-chief of the Lord's army, Asthanam was performed on the deities of Malayappa Swamy and his two consorts sat atop the golden Sarva Bhoopala Vahanam at Bangaru Vakili, followed by further celebrations in Ekantham conforming to the Covid health recommendations.

Later that evening, as part of the 'Pushpa Pallaki' Seva conducted in Tirumala on the occasion of Anivara Asthanam, Lord Malayappa Swamy and his two celestial consorts, goddess Sridevi and Bhudevi, were brought out in a colourful procession on an artistically adorned flower palanquin.

Daily worship and festivals for Sri Venkateswaraswamy are held in Kaliyuga Vaikuntham Thirumala. Sridevi and Bhudevi, escorted by Srimalayappaswamy, marched through the streets of Tirumala to the most intricately adorned flower pavilion during the Anivara Asthanam on Friday.

The Chirujallu's Pushpapalli service continued in splendour. The swan-shaped palanquin is decked with roughly a tonne of flowers, including six different varieties of traditional flowers as well as six other types of cut flowers.

Pallaki is built with Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Chinnikrishna, and Bala Anjaneyaswamy at the front, middle, and rear. This bouquet was created by fifteen decorators over the course of three days. In Pushpapalli, Srivaru marches through the streets of Tirumala. There were hundreds of devotees in attendance, as well as TTD's additional executive officer, AV Dharma Reddy, and other authorities.

Both senior and junior pontiffs of the Tirumala temple, as well as TTD executive officer Dr K S Jawahar Reddy and additional EO A V Dharma Reddy, presented six sets of silk vastrams to be adorned by the deities, as has been the custom for generations.

The TTD EO later told reporters outside Tirumala temple that Anivara Asthanam is a customary yearly budget festival that has been held at Tirumala on the final day of the Tamil month of Ani since the time of the Mahants.

TTD's yearly budget has been changed to March with the formation of the TTD Board. Anivara Asthanam is observed every year on this day in honour of the age-old custom.

The Tirumala Pedda Jeeyangar and Chinna Jeeyangar Swamy gave six pattu vastrams on the occasion, according to the EO. Four vastrams were given to Mulamurthy, one to Sri Malayappa Swamy, and the other to Sri Viswaksena.

A series of special ceremonies were conducted within the Tirumala temple in conjunction with the "Balancing of Books Festival" followed by the "Asthanam" (court) held at the "Garudazhwar Sannidhi" inside the sanctum sanctorum in the early hours of Friday.

TTD officials followed the usual custom by ceremonially placing the previous fiscal year's books of accounts at the divine feet of the Lord for his approval, and then opening new books of accounts for the current fiscal year.

On Friday, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams performed the unique Kanakambara Sahita Koti Mallepushpa Maha Yagam at the Tiruchanoor temple, which is dedicated to Goddess Padmavathi Ammavaru.

Around 180 Vedic scholars from around the country have been enlisted to conduct the Maha Pushpa Yagam, which will begin on Friday and last for nine days. According to TTD, the temple body seeks the divine blessing of the Goddess of Wealth through this Maha Pushpa Yagam to bring prosperity to the planet, which is reeling from a profound financial crisis brought on by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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