Tirumala Turns Misty, Thanks to Drop in Temperature

 - Sakshi Post

During the monsoon, the Tirupati Tirumala hills turns into the Himalayas. 

Tirumala: Nature is at its best in all seasons. And every place has its beauty and Tirumala hills in Andhra Pradesh is no exception.

The grandeur of the Tirumala hills, which are located on the way to the Sri Venkateshwara Swamy temple, should be seen to be experienced.

Looking at the remaining hills from Ghat Road is more enjoyable.

The Tirumala hills, on the other hand, are now looking like the Himalayas. They've grown whiter than they've ever been.

As the clouds brush the hills, this continuing monsoon season, the hills resemble the Himalayas.

Tirumala was shrouded in clouds and netizens have been sharing pictures of the misty Tirumala hills on social media. 

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