Work-From-Home Effect: Hyderabad Metro Rail Incurs Heavy Losses?

 - Sakshi Post

Due to software employees getting work from home the effect of this on Hyderabad Metrorail's earnings has been drastic. This is causing a huge loss of Rs 80 lakhs per day to the company.

Hyderabad: Metro Trains are the only way to escape from the traffic jams in Hyderabad city and reach the destinations quickly and safely. That is why the people of the city are inclined towards using it, despite the opinion that the charges are a bit high. The Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) that started so ambitiously and impressed a lot of people from all walks of life is now continuing at a loss due to corona. It had previously competed with other cities in terms of revenue but has now slipped. Metro trains that have been stalled for a few months due to lockdown have been available since September 7 as part of unlock.

At present, the Miyapur-LB Nagar, Nagole-Raidurg and JBS-MGBS routes have 55 metro trains running at a rate of 820 trips per day. HMR officials say that the number of passengers on metro trains has dropped from 3.5-4 lakhs a day to 1.68 lakhs now because of Corona. Before Corona, the ticket charges and other income together was Rs 1.63 crore per day. Now the revenue is said to not exceed even Rs 80 lakhs. According to these figures, the current loss to Metro Rail is estimated at Rs 80 lakhs per day.

Metro officials say the main reason for this situation is due to the software companies declaring work from home. In the past, the Miyapur-Lbnagar and Nagole-Raidurg routes were used by more than 2 lakhs software employees daily. Many are now confined to their homes with work from home. Metro trains have been running since September but most IT companies have not opened yet.

In addition, the tendency of many offices allotting their employees for traveling in private vehicles is also having a severe impact on HMR. It is for these reasons that the HMR continues to run at a loss, officials say. However, HMR, L&T officials are working hard to bring the former glory to the metro by trying to attract more passengers soon. With the end of the 'Metro Suvarna Offer', two or three new offers have been launched in its place to attract passengers.

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