Will Seniors Accept This Young Leader As Party President?

 - Sakshi Post

There is a lot of dissatisfaction within the BJP in Telangana over the elevation of Bandi Sanjay. A political greenhorn and an essential loner, Sanjay’s new position is not to the liking of several seniors. Many seniors are not happy with him and are said to be sulking.

After he constituted his new team, which is a combination of some old faces and some new, he had sent appointment letters to the vice-presidents, general secretaries and secretaries.  But, only a handful of them have accepted the appointment letters. The remaining have neither accepted them nor rejected. For instance, only two vice-presidents and two secretaries did accept the appointment letters so far.

Senior leaders like Chintala Ramachandra Reddy and Sankineni Venkateshwara Rao have not accepted the appointment letters. However, all the three general secretaries – Bangaru Shruthi, Premender Reddy and another leader, have accepted it.

Another senior leader, who has been a past president, has not even greeted Bandi Sanjay so far. Interestingly, citing Corona, Bandi Sanjay too has not made any effort to meet the said senior leader.

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