Will Revanth Reddy Form A New Regional Party?

 - Sakshi Post

Is Revanth Reddy, the firebrand Congress leader, planning to exit the party and form a new regional party? The rumour mill is going abuzz on this issue these days. Political pundits are breaking their heads on this topic.

The political pundits are arguing that Revanth Reddy is fed up with the attempts by the Congress old-timers to stop him in his tracks. He strongly feels that the old guard is not allowing him to take up issues and wage political battles against KCR rule. Revanth is of the opinion that the time is ripe and that there is an anti-KCR and anti-TRS mood building up in Telangana.

However, Congress seniors have successfully prevented him from becoming the PCC chief. They have also lodged complaints against him for taking up protests without consulting them. As a result, citing Corona, the Congress leadership had deferred the appointment of the new PCC chief.

Revanth, however, is quite guarded in his approach. He scoffed at the stories that he is out to form a new party. At the same time, he is letting the people know that he has the option of forming a regional outfit to take on the TRS. For more on this, keep watching these pages.

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