Will A DNA Test Help Peddapalli Man Reunite With Lost Daughter From Pakistan?

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PEDDAPALLI: Geeta (30), the Indore-based hearing and speech-impaired woman who returned to India from Pakistan in 2015, plans to revisit Telangana with the hope of finding her parents. She had spoken of certain places she recollected of the places during her childhood, which matched with the temple town of Basara in Telangana and was brought to the town.

After seeing Geeta’s visit to Basara temple aired on television channels on December 15, Bolli Swamy  from Tharupalli of Kalwasrirampur mandal in the district was convinced  that Geeta was his daughter who went missing 20 years ago.

His family members were also convinced that she was his daughter based on facial features that matched that of his missing daughter Saritha who was also speech and hearing impaired.

After getting permission from Anand Service Society under whose care Geeta is living now, Swamy and his cousin Shyam left for Indore with a few old photographs and clothes, in the hope that she would recognise them. After meeting her on Friday, Swamy was left disappointed, as Geeta could not recognise him, or anything from the photographs he showed.

However, the father hoped that she might recollect something if she came to the village and saw the place herself. The NGO also promised to bring her to his village to see if she could remember anything. It is reported that Geeta had repeatedly asked for photos of a hospital building. This has brought in a ray of hope for Swamy because she was referring to a hospital in Vavilala (close to Tharupalli) where his daughter Saritha was born.

It is said that she also expressed her desire to visit Tharupalli personally, Swamy’s cousin Shyam said. The NGO had assured to bring Geeta to Tharupalli within 15 days.

Family members are hopeful that if she recognises something they would be able to convince the district administration for a DNA test. Earlier they had also submitted a representation to the district officials requesting them to hand over their daughter by conducting a DNA test. However, they didn't receive any response. Swamy is hopeful that the DNA testing process would become easier if Geeta recognized him.

Geeta was a child when she was found sitting alone in the Samjhauta Express at Lahore station by Pakistan Rangers around 20 years ago. A person from Edhi Foundation adopted her there.

Following the efforts made by then external affairs minister late Sushma Swaraj, who called her "Hindustan ki beti", she was brought back to India on October 26, 2015. Geeta has been under the care of  Anand Service Society an NGO which takes care of her.

They are making every effort to trace her parents and plan to bring her to Tharupalli in case she recognises anything from her past. (with inputs from Telangana Today)

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