Why TRS Leaders In Warangal Jittery

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The TRS politicians in Warangal are a jittery lot. No... They are not worried about the upcoming civic body elections or about winning them. Their worry is mainly about the spate of demolitions happening in the city of Warangal.

The recent massive floods in Warangal city have been an eye-opener for the government, which has promptly ordered the demolition of all illegal structures on the nalas and water channels. Over the years, these illegal constructions have damaged the water channels leading to the main water tanks in the town. As a result, the natural flow has been affected and large areas in the city were flooded, something that was unheard of in Warangal city.

In the wake of the unprecedented floods, KTR had ordered a comprehensive survey of the illegal structures in the city and demolish them. The first to be demolished the camp office of a local TRS MLA which was constructed on the main nala that takes flood water to the Bhadrakali temple in the heart of the city. This was followed by the demolition of a bar in Karimabad, which is owned by another TRS MLA. The third one to be demolished is the iron and hardware shop built on a nala by a TRS corporator.

Now, the TRS leaders are worried about further demolitions in the city. KTR appears to be very clear in ensuring that every illegal construction on water channels. This is sending jitters through the spine of the leaders.

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