Why Everyone Is Talking About This Additional Collector?

 - Sakshi Post

These are the days of corruption and fund swindles. Even a small tehsildar can amass up to Rs 100 crore in no time. He can have a palatial mansion for his house. But, even in these times of corruption, there are shining examples of officers who are not just upright, but are also downright incorruptible.

Jayashankar Bhupalpally additional director Ganesh is a one-of-a-kind collector. He is known to be a sincere officer, who works hard for the welfare of the people. He has not amassed any wealth. He has largely kept away from questionable practices. Recently, he suffered a brain stroke and had to be rushed to a hospital in Hanamkonda of Warangal. On investigation, it was found that he had a serious clot in the brain and needed a cranial surgery immediately. He was then shifted to Hyderabad for better treatment.

However, the hospital authorities told his family members that the surgical procedure could cost around Rs 15 crore. The family of the additional collector said they did not have any money with them. The only income the additional collector gets is the monthly salary and that he did not have any other assets. Finally, Ganesh’s friends had to chip in and help he family by raising funds immediately. They raised Rs 12 lakh and told the hospital authorities that they would raise the remaining amount too.

Everyone is now talking about the simple life that the additional collector is leading and how principled he is. Ganesh is now recovering from the illness.

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