Which Way Will AP Migrants Vote In GHMC Elections?

 - Sakshi Post

With the elections to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) set to be held in February next year, the political situation is getting hotted up in the twin cities. All the parties are trying to win two big voting blocks. One block is the Muslim vote, which can swing the election in around 50 divisions. The second block is the huge number of people who have settled down in Hyderabad from the Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.

All major political  parties are now trying to win over the Andhra settler voters, who are present in large numbers in several parts of the city. These voters have traditionally been supporters of the Telugu Desam and the outskirt divisions have majorly returned TDP candidates till 2015. In 2015, these voters have shifted to the TRS and have been with the party eversince.

With the TDP completely eclipsed in Telangana in general and Hyderabad in particular, these voters, who form a powerful voting block, are now sought after by everyone. All the political parties have prepared strategies to reach out to these voters. The BJP too is said to be targeting these voters in a big way, while the Congress is trying to revive its old links.

If political pundits are to be believed, the TRS is desperately trying to sort out the issue of Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Project before the elections so that it will have a positive impact on the voters from Rayalaseema.

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