What Is The Strategy Behind Choosing Purandeswari, DK Aruna And Laxman?

 - Sakshi Post

BJP is strategically moving its pawns to clinch the victory in the coming elections in both the Telugu states. Recently, four leaders from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have found berths in BJP's national executive team. DK Aruna was made vice-president, while former BJP state president K Laxman was appointed as national president of OBC Morcha.

Former Union minister D Purandeswari and Satya Kumar have been appointed as general secretary and secretary respectively. The saffron party is trying to play the balancing act and recently, MLC Somu Veerraju has been appointed as the new chief of the BJP's Andhra Pradesh unit. He replaces senior politician Kanna Lakshminarayana. The latest decision has been taken to further strengthen the party while the TDP is fading in Andhra Pradesh. The positions of the leaders are given to those who are committed to the party.

BJP has appointed D Purandeswari as the national general secretary and she is expected to attract her community which mainly supports TDP. She was the daughter of NTR and the party wants to take the advantage of this factor as well. She has been into national politics for a long time. She worked as the union minister twice during the UPA government.

BJP has already appointed Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar as the party’s Telangana State president. He is one of the leaders who can take the TRS and AIMIM head-on from the Northern Telangana. Now, the BJP handed over a key post to DK Aruna, a firebrand politician from Southern Telangana, and she is working hard to strengthen the party in Telangana. DK Aruna and Bandi Sanjay are capable of going to any extent to improve the prospects of the party in Telangana. Laxman has the power to draw weaker sections towards the BJP.

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