What Have You Done for the Country in 8 Years? KCR to PM Modi

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Vikarabad: Continuing his tirade against the BJP-led government at the Centre over freebies, the Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, popularly called KCR, asked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi if his government had done any good in the past eight years?  

KCR made these remarks after inaugurating a new District Collectorate complex and laying the foundation for a medical college here. Earlier in the day, some BJP activists tried to protest when the Chief Minister’s convoy was passing. 

Referring to BJP activists’ protest, KCR said people of Vikarabad should pose questions to these saffron party workers as to what Modi did during the past eight years of rule.

“I am asking the Prime Minister what you have done in the past eight years. Farmers? Women? Tribals? Muslims and Dalits? Which section as benefitted? None. On top of that, when the state governments within their limits are implementing some welfare measures, they are called freebies and should be discontinued,” Rao charged.

Speaking at a public meeting here, KCR came down heavily on the Prime Minister for his remarks on freebies saying that no state in the country is implementing welfare measures that are done in Telangana.

“Yesterday I also was listening to the PM's speech. Anyway, they did nothing for eight years, I thought they would do something for the remaining two years. There was nothing in the whole one-hour speech, except dialogues and a scarf around his head, dress up, there was nothing. No new scheme was announced. Not even a single word about the welfare of the country,” Chief Minister added. 

Reminiscing the sufferings Telangana had to go through for 58 years when it was part of united Andhra Pradesh, the chief minister said, though Telangana is growing, it is also equally important that the centre's growth should also match with that of the state. Otherwise the overall development will be impacted.

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“Even if the state is progressing, if the Centre is not progressing the required growth will not come. So, a government which respects the states should come (to power) at the Centre. Unemployment is growing, the rupee is depreciating. We will have to send this government at the centre home and bring our own government,” he said.

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