We Are A Rock Solid Wall Which Can Never Be Broken: Harish Rao To BJP

 - Sakshi Post

BJP member Teenmaar Mallanna in an online poll asked where did the development happened whether in the Bhadradri temple or in the body of Himanshu. It is all known knowledge that Teenmaar Mallanna runs his own Q-News YouTube channel and conducted a poll on his channel. Teenmaar Mallanna is a critic of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his family members.

After Mallanna's poll, KTR reacted to the issue on Twitter.

Telangana Health and Family Welfare Minister Harish Rao also tweeted, "Dragging families, finding ways to humiliate them and now oiling their social media machinery to spread malicious information is a well known strategy of the BJP. If they think they can restrain us, I want to remind them that we are a rock solid wall which can never be broken." Here is the tweet.

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