Warangal Would Have Developed If YSR Was Alive: Sharmila 

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The joint Warangal district, which has given many activists and many more artists to the country, is still lagging behind in terms of development, said late AP CM Dr YSR's daughter Sharmila. A spirited gathering was held at the Lotus Pond in Hyderabad on Wednesday with the joint Warangal district leaders. After offering garlands to YSR and Professor Jayashankar, Sharmila addressed the meeting saying Jai Telangana… Jai Jai Telangana.

She stated that Telangana state came into existence only with the initiative taken by students. And the rulers who had come to power with the sacrifice of students had forgotten them completely.

The late CM YSR completed the Sriramsagar Stage-2 works, Sharmila said, 80 per cent of Devadula Phase-1 and two projects were completed and if another 20 per cent of work was completed, one lakh acres would be irrigated. She stated that if YSR was alive, Warangal district would become a developed district by now.

She also enquired about the plight of farmers and women in the district. Sharmila expressed her grief over the attack on Kakatiya University students who are fighting for their rights. On this occasion, Warangal district leaders presented Sharmila with a turban and a sword. Sharmila asked the members to give suggestions on the progress of Warangal district.

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