Warangal: Two MGM Hospital Doctors Suspended For Negligence

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MGM Hospital Superintendent Dr. V Chandrashekar suspended two doctors and a person who makes surgical sutures for the injured. On Monday, they were suspended for their negligence in the discharge of their duties. The suspended staff were Dr. Riteesh, Casualty Medical Officer (CMO) on contract, Dr. K Ranjith, Asst. Professor of General Surgery on contract, and Md Amjad Ali.

"We have suspended Amjad for demanding a bribe for making stitches to the injured on Sunday. Rama Krishna and Saraswati who suffered head injury came to the hospital on Sunday, but he had allegedly demanded and accepted a bribe claiming that there was no surgical thread at the hospital,” the Superintendent said.

According to the reports, the corporator of the 13th ward in Warangal district, Suresh Kumar Joshi had filed a complaint with the Superintendent on the aforementioned issue. It is alleged that Md Amjad Ali had demanded a bribe of Rs. 350 for stitching the wounds and to supply the medicines to the patients.

Three staff nurses, M Jyothi, Yaka Laxmi, and K Sujatha were issued memos for being irregular to the hospital. The Superintendent also said that a lot of suture ingredients are available at the hospital.

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