Video Of Telangana Family Giving Thrash Course To Their Child’s Kidnapper Goes Viral

NIZAMABAD (Telangana):  Looking at the video below, one might mistake the person being beaten as a victim and the attackers as barbaric assaulters. But this is the story of a traumatized family whose anger and frustration breached all levels of civility when they spotted the man who kidnapped their one-of-year-old child a few days ago.

The alleged kidnapper was immediately tied to a tree and thrashed repeatedly with sticks. The man responsible for all their woes in the last few days is in their grasp but their child is still untraceable. Already devastated, the family received further shock when the kidnapper revealed to them that he has no idea about their kid.

The incident happened in the headquarter town of Nizamabad of Telangana on Monday. The images and video of the brutal assault caused commotion after they went viral on social media.

According to information, Nagaraju, the man in the eye of the storm, approached Lakshmi, a native of Dandigutta of Navipet mandal when she was waiting at the Nizamabad bus stand on August 17th. After striking a conversation with her, he waited for the most opportune moment and abducted her one and a half year old son.

It was only after sometime that Lakshmi realized that her son was missing along with Nagaraju. Lakshmi and her family have been searching all across Nizamabad town since then. Just when their hopes were diminishing, they bumped into Nagaraju near the Nizambad municipal office on Monday. Unable to contain their anger, they tied him up to a nearby tree and began thrashing him with sticks asking for the whereabouts of their child.

The family’s miseries only went from bad to worse after Nagaraju delivered this shocking news to them. He claims that the baby boy was snatched away from him by some unknown persons on the very day he abducted the child. The family initially thought that Nagaraju was only bluffing to escape their wrath. But with the accused insisting that he has no idea about the baby, they handed him over to the local police seeking a detailed investigation.

In all this melee, Lakshmi and her family continue to go through the tortuous ordeal as their child remains untraceable with serious doubts lingering over his safety. The police have begun investigating the case.

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