Victim of Cybercrime, Dial 1930: Deets Inside

 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: If you are a victim of a cyber crime, immediately report it by dialing 1930 or visiting, an advisory from the Hyderabad city police said. 

Nowadays, a person’s daily life is associated with the internet. It includes banking, posting photos on social media, sharing our information on the internet etc.You must be very careful while sharing such information on the internet so as not to be a cybercrime victim. At many instances, the law enforcement agencies have warned the citizens not to fall prey to loan apps fraudsters, KBC lottery frauds, Aadhaar enabled payments frauds etc. 

How to stay cyber safe: 

  • Always use strong passwords
  • Never use the same password twice
  • Think before you click any links 
  • Avoid public wi-fi networks
  • Turn on 2-step authentication

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