Vasalamarri: 18 Villagers Taken Ill After Lunch With KCR

 - Sakshi Post

A few days ago, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao organized a mega community lunch in his adopted village Vasalamarri in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district. It is learned that Akula Agavva, who had her lunch with KCR in the event fell sick on the same day. After going back from the event, she had a stomach ache and was shifted to Bhuvanagiri Area hospital.

On Thursday evening, she was discharged from the hospital and the doctors said that she had fallen sick as she had roamed around in the sun the entire day.

Later, 17 others from the village, who took part in the event, also fell sick with similar symptoms. Upon learning of this, Turkapalli public health centre officials offered treatment as required.

While many alleged that the illness was because of food poisoning, officials said that it could not have been due to random, unrelated causes. They asserted that this will definitely not be food poisoning as over 2,500 people had lunch and only 18 of them fell sick.

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