Urs-e-Shareef Festival at Janpahad Saidulu Dargah in Suryapet

 - Sakshi Post

The three-day Urs-e-shareef celebration, which takes place once a year, is expected to begin this morning at Hazarath Jaapak Shaheed dargah, Janpahad in Suryapet district. Mujawar Jhani's house cleaned the dargah premises on Thursday. The 400-year-old dargah Hazrath Janpak Shaheed, also known as Janpahad dargah, served as a symbol of communal unity, with hundreds of Hindus and Muslims attending the celebration.

The dargah was decorated on the occasion of Ghuls shareef and the start of Urs. The old cloth was removed from Saidulu Baba's grave and replaced with a new one called 'chadar.' 

The primary rite of the Urs sandal Shareef procession would take place on Friday, with over three lakh people expected to come from various regions and neighbouring states. A defining feature of Janpahad dargah Urs is the fact that Hindu devotees outnumber Muslims.

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