Unfortunate That Freedom of Expression Has Become Right to Abuse, Says KTR

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TRS Working President and Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao lamented that freedom of expression had become a right to abuse in politics. He termed it as an unfortunate situation. Speaking at Telangana Bhavan, he cited the political disturbances in Andhra Pradesh and also recollected the arrest of Union Minister Narayan Rane in Maharashtra over the 'Slap CM' remark.

KTR further stated that no such arrests have been reported in Telangana state. He also added that some leaders abuse the Chief Minister and call him a dictator. He asserted that he has instructed the party leaders to maintain decorum and not to lose composure despite opposition party leaders' controversial comments on Telangana Chief Minister KCR. He said that TRS party leaders have discipline and follow rules.

KTR lashed out at the opposition party leaders and said that Telangana state is ahead of many other states in development. He further stated that the Telangana government had solved various problems including power and water shortage. KTR said that "This turnaround in Telangana, especially the rural areas, was achieved within a short time."

KTR said that Congress and BJP leaders are making comments without thinking. He said, "I dare any Congress or BJP ruled states including Gujarat to showcase their development and match it with Telangana." 

KTR asserted that Congress and BJP failed to rule the nation despite people giving many chances, adding that a major development took place in Telangana during TRS's reign.

He also said that Karnataka BJP MLA from Raichur constituency Shivraj Patil wanted Raichur district to be merged with Telangana. KTR added that people are also impressed with the welfare schemes that are being implemented by the ruling TRS party.

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