Ujjaini Mahankali ‘Rangam’: Soothsayer Swarnalatha Warns Of Dangerous Days

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The Rangam event as part of Secunderabad Ujjaini Mahankali temple ‘Bonalu’ festival, was held on Monday. The second day of the Ujjaini Mahankali Bonalu began with the Rangam event.

As part of the annual ritual, Swarnalatha, the soothsayer, has warned the people to be cautious in the upcoming days in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Her face smeared with turmeric paste, she stood in front of the deity Goddess Mahankali carrying a Bonam made of earthen mud and came up with her prediction for the future.

She said, "I am warning now only, the next few days will be dangerous. Everyone should be careful. People will have to experience the results of karma of what they have done," she said, expressing displeasure over this year's celebrations.

On Sunday, Ujjaini Mahankali Bonalu in Secunderabad began on a low-key note. The authorities have made all the arrangements at the temple. The temple wore a deserted look on the occasion of ‘Ashada Bonalu’. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept thousands of devotees away from the temple during the festival.

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