Two Senior Leaders Are Sulking Over The BJP's Slight

 - Sakshi Post

The political future of two strong political leaders from Mahabubnagar is on a shaky ground. Former Minister and Gadwal strong woman DK Aruna and former TRS parliamentary party leader AP Jitender Reddy are finding that their  position is shaky and uncertain.

Both these leaders had left their respective parties and joined the BJP in the hope that they would be given suitable positions in the party. DK Aruna hoped that she would be made BJP Telangana state president. Similarly, the name of AP Jitender Reddy too made rounds in the run up to  the announcement of the new president. Finally, both Aruna and Reddy were ignored and Bandi Sanjay was made the party president.

Sources say that both DK Aruna and Jitender Reddy are deeply upset at being ignored. However, they do not have any other alternative at this juncture. So, both the sulking leaders are said to be biding their time to strike at the BJP at the right moment.

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