TRS Cadre Focuses On GHMC Elections, Begins Community Meets

 - Sakshi Post

The ruling TRS has already begun its preparations for the upcoming GHMC elections. The party which won 99 divisions during the last elections, wants to improve its tally and score a century. The party has already galvanised its machinery and has swung into action.

TRS working president KTR has already begun the task of meeting the leaders of various communities in the GHMC area. The response so far has been positive. Sources said that like in the past, the TRS may not openly align with the MIM, but will have some strategic understanding with it. An open alliance could actually prove counter-productive given the communal polarisation in some parts of the city. A strategic vote shift would be the best option, political pundits feel.

Meanwhile, the TRS is also planning to bring key leaders from various other parties into the TRS. The process has already begun and the announcements would be made once the election process is set in motion. The party has also asked its leaders to reach out to the voters to understand their grievances and respond accordingly.

Special focus is on improve civic amenities in the urban areas. Damaged roads and poor sanitation are among the top complaints in the GHMC area. Extension of the Metro rail to newer areas too is finding resonance among the people.

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