Travelling In A Train, Check Out The New Guidelines

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Railway travel has been altered as a result of the deadly second wave of coronavirus sweeping India. Although almost every state in the country is on partial lockdown, the country's essential services are still available for critical travel. During this tense time, however, it is best to stay indoors.

The Indian Railways has issued a set of guidelines for passengers, especially in relation to specific states. If you really must take the train to get from one location to another, bear in mind that there are certain laws that must be followed.
New guidelines from the Railway department:
1.    Passengers who have been on the waiting list until now travelled after paying a certain amount of fare but now, waiting list passengers are not allowed.
2.    In light of Covid, the prepaid catering facility has been eliminated. Travelers will no longer be able to book food along with their ticket bookings, as they have in the past.
3.     Only packed foods are available on trains and it is available through IRCTC app
4.    Blankets are no longer given to train passengers.

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Mandatory Rules:
1.    Passengers must wear masks, and if any violates the rules they will be fined Rs 500.
2.    You must bring your own hand sanitizers, and you will be fined if you spit on railway premises or inside trains.
3.    After thermal screening the passengers will be allowed to the stations.
4.    Covid rules issued by state governments must be followed in destinations.
5.    Install and use the Arogya Setu app.

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