Traffic Restrictions, Road Diversions in Hyderabad For Eid Milad Procession

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As we all know that the Hyderabad will be celebrating Milad-un-Nabi in a grand manner on Tuesday, the city traffic police imposed some restrictions throughout the old city in order to ensure the smooth movement of the main procession and traffic. Here are the complete details of road diversions in Hyderabad for Mila-un-Nabi: 

  • People going towards Shamsheergunj, Engine Bowli will be diverted at MBNR X Road towards Kandikalgate, Phisalbanda and Old Kurnool Raod. 
  • Traffic moving towards Kalapather from Bahadurpura will be diverted at Kalapather Y Junction towards Ali Nagar Jahanuma
  • When main procession reached MBNR X Road, traffic will be diverted at Engine Bowli towards Goshala. After the head of the procession reaches Laldarwaza Mode, traffic will be diverted at Deccan Hotel, Akkanna Madanna Temple.
  • Traffic closed at Himathpura Rajesh Medical Hall will be diverted towards Akkanna Madanna Temple & Volga Hotel Khilwat.
  • After the main procession reaches Shamsheergunj traffic will be diverted towards Goshala, Kalapather & Bahadurpura area. 
  • While the procession starts from Mecca Mosque, traffic will be diverted at Armaan Hotel towards Etebar Chowk. The traffic coming from Sheer Bathil Kaman (Ghansi Bazar) will be diverted under the Sheer Bhatil Kaman toward Meetika Sheer and Ghansi bazaar vice versa.
  • The traffic coming towards Charminar from Madina will be diverted at City College after the procession reaches Charkaman. After the procession reaches Charkaman the traffic coming from Sheraton Hotel Lane and Agrawal Kaman will not be allowed.
  • After the procession reaches Machili Kaman traffic will be closed at MM Center and will be diverted at Afzalgunj Bridge. Once the procession reaches MM Center traffic will be stopped at Chatta Bazar Tipukhana and Dewan Devdi Kaman till the procession tail end reaches Nayapool. 
  • Buses will be diverted towards Chadarghat and will not be allowed towards SJ Rotary from MGBS.
  • The traffic coming from MGBS will be diverted towards Shivaji Bridge. After the procession reaches Salarjung Museum traffic will be diverted towards Chadarghat. Once it reaches SJ Rotary traffic will be diverted at SBH lane towards HUDA office, 
  • Once the procession reaches the Darulshifa traffic will be diverted at Etebar Chowk towards Yakuthpura and KaliKaman. Traffic will also be stopped at Etebar chowk behind Chadaw ki Mosque and will be diverted towards Ganga Nagar Nala.
  • After the procession reaches Pista House traffic will be diverted towards Hafeez Dang Ka Masque and Ashok Pillar, Rajesh Medical Hall. Besides this, traffic coming from the Moghalpura will be diverted to Mir Ka Daira towards Moghalpura to Gowlipura Road till the procession concludes.
  • At Bibi Bazar, traffic will not be allow from Talabkatta to Volta Hotel and will be stopped at Sri. Mumtaz Khan MLA Camp Office and will be diverted towards the Moghalpura Water tank Road, till the procession concludes.

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