TITA Launches Online Covid DawaKhana Through T Consult

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TITA commences services to treat Covid patients through T consult

Pilot services launched at Maganur PHC in Narayanpet district

T Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan launches online services

HYDERABAD: Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) and American Telangana Society (ATS) have come together to launch health services to help patients battling Covid-19 in rural areas in the State. Both the organizations have on Friday announced their plan of action to deal with the raging pandemic through the TITA’s TConsult initiative that helped the masses during the first wave of Covid deal with various health issues.

Accordingly, the TITA and ATS have launched joint efforts by establishing the first-ever Covid Dawakhana at the Zilla Parishad High School in Maganur.

TS, IT, and Industry Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan launched the first Covid DawaKhana virtually here on Friday. Narayanpet District Collector Dasari Harichandana appreciated the initiative launched by TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala. TITA announced that it will expand such services across the State in the coming days. At the launch of the services, villagers availed online medical advice on Covid from doctors at nine sub-centers.

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Worried about the raging pandemic troubling people in rural areas, ATS decided to provide online health and medical services to the masses. Accordingly, representatives from ATS approached TITA to reach out to the people to provide health services. Association President Sundeep Makthala, after visiting various places, selected Maganur to provide online medical and health services to people. Maganur has a population of 56,000 with nine sub-centers. The district hospital is about 42 km away from the village. The Zilla Parishad High School (ZPHS) was converted into Covid DawaKhana to treat better medical services to the locals.

Working of Covid DawaKhana

At the medical center, patients can avail themselves of doctor services through online consultation. For this, TConsult app services, an initiative of TITA, is being utilized, while ATS will provide financial and health services.  Two doctors will be available online to offer services, while two health volunteers will be available at the Covid DawaKhana center. TITA has offered to provide technical and other local logistics and arrangements at the medical center.

  IT and Industries Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan launched the online services. Speaking at the event Mr. Ranjan appreciated the initiative saying that it will be an immense help to the rural masses in the testing times. The TITA efforts have yielded fruits and the people in rural areas are benefitting from it.

Narayanpet District Collector Dasari Harichandana, who was the chief guest at the event, expressed happiness saying that it was a matter of pride that Covid Dawakhana services were launched in Narayanpet district. She said that in the past Narayanpet received national-level awards like SKOCH for TITA’s health services offered through TConsult services. Efforts of TITA chief Sundeep Makthala are crucial in the provision of health services in the district, she said.

Speaking on the occasion, TITA chief Sundeep Makthala said that people from Narayanpet were traveling to neighboring Mahabubnagar for medical services. After studying the issue, we decided to provide medical services at Narayanpet, he added. Sundeep said that efforts are being made to provide international-level medical care to locals through the Covid DawaKhana initiative. He said that TITA will continue TConsult efforts to provide healthcare in the district and added that such work will be expanded to other districts also in the coming days.

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