Time To Resume MMTS Services in Hyderabad: Kishan Reddy To Telangana CM KCR

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HYDERABAD: G Kishan Reddy, Union minister of state for home affairs wrote a letter to Telangana chief minister KCR on Monday seeking to resume the services of MMTS in Hyderabad.

Many companies have started functioning from their own work places, the work from home period is over and all working people are to join back office. Even the schools and colleges have restarted; all the students have to attend to their respective schools and colleges. And if there is no proper enough transportation for the students, working employees especially it would not help them reach their work places on time.

When it comes to MMTS, this service is useful to all the common man. We see all buses are running on the roads then why restrict MMTS services. We also see Metro trains taken off helping the people in their transportation. Then why the MMTS service has not been started.

Well as Mr Reddy suggested resuming the services of MMTS with required guidelines, it is a good gesture. The state government should compel the railway department to take proper precautions like checking people of wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and sanitising themselves.

People will second his opinion about restarting the MMTS services; it would help them in catching up into their daily duties on time and will be easy on their pockets. Because MMTS service costs cheaper when compared to other transportation services many people would prefer to use this service.

In the letter of one page to the CM, Reddy said that in sight of growing activities post Covid-19, the
MMTS service has to be started off immediately. This would help in decreasing the heavy rush at buses, where people can’t maintain social distancing.

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