Telangana Upset Over Centre's Discrimination in Remdesivir Allocation

 - Sakshi Post

The Central Government on Friday enhanced the allocation of Remdesivir to several States. Now, Telangana says that it did not receive its fair share of the antiviral drug when compared to Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The Centre allocated 41,800 Remdesivir doses to Telangana on Friday, which would hardly last a week, senior public health officials said. It was alleged that the Centre chose to nominally increase just 20,000 doses for a period of ten days.

Gujarat is receiving 1,82,500 doses of Remdesivir which has an active caseload of 1,37,794 Covid cases. Similarly, New Delhi with 98,000 active cases received about 81,300 Remdesivir injections. While Telangana with an active caseload of nearly 80,000 Covid patients was allocated just 41,800 doses of Remdesivir.

In the past few weeks, the Centre has been consistently failing to ensure a fair and steady distribution of Remdesivir even after having full control over its supply. Public health officials in the State said that due to the limited availability of Remdesivir, they will be forced to distribute Remdesivir based on the degree of urgency or patient’s medical condition.

Senior doctors in the state said that anticipating these kind of problems, Telangana government continued to get a raw deal in the allocation of vital medical resources needed to treat Covid positive patients.

“Telangana was among the first States to place an order of nearly 5 lakh doses of Remdesivir, which should have been enough to see us through the entire pandemic. The Centre’s decision to regulate the availability of Remdesivir is affecting all the States,” they added.

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