Telangana: Sex Workers,Transgenders Encouraged To Enroll As Voters, CEO Vikas Raj

Telangana: Sex Workers,Transgenders Encouraged To Enroll As Voters, CEO Vikas Raj - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Sex workers and transgenders are being encouraged to enroll as voters, stated Telangana Chief Election Officer Vikas Raj on Wednesday. Addressing a video conference attended by 52 NGOs working for upholding the Rights of Sex workers in Telangana State,
 the CEO appealed to the NGOs to enroll the sex workers, who are not yet enrolled as part of the ongoing Special Summary Revision (SSR) activity.

Representatives from Child and Women Development along with the members of the transgender board were also present in the video conference held on Tuesday.

He said that the Election Commission has directed that in case of those sex workers who do not possess any documentary proof of place of residence, the documentary proof should not be insisted, however, the Booth Level Officer will ascertain that the claimant actually resides at the place, mentioned in his/her Form 6, by visiting the given address and submit a verification report to the Electoral Registration Officer/Assistant Electoral Registration Officer, to this effect who will decide the case accordingly.

Later during a meeting with the Transgender community,  the CEO took suggestions from the members of the Transgender Welfare Board as well as NGOs working with the transgenders to take steps to enroll eligible Transgenders to enable them to exercise their voting right.  Based on the discussions held, he said that special campaigns at the district level will be taken up to enroll the transgenders who have not yet enrolled themselves.

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