Telangana Sees A Spike in Black Fungus Cases

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While Coronavirus Cases in Telangana state are on the decline, the number of black fungus cases among Covid patients in the state continues to rise. According to the data from health authorities, there were 744 patients with black fungus undergoing treatment at government and private hospitals across the state, till May 27. The Union Health Ministry on Wednesday has released an additional 1,890 vials of the anti-fungal drug Amphotericin-B for the treatment of patients. 

According to health officials, 1000 black fungus cases were reported in Telangana on Thursday, where 250 patients were admitted to the Koti ENT hospital and 100 admitted to the Gandhi Hospital's ENT wing. The rest of the patients are undergoing treatment at private hospitals in Hyderabad.

To reduce the number of patients at ENT hospitals in Koti and Gandhi, health officials have begun treating patients at District Hospitals located in all district headquarters. Transporting endoscopy and other medical equipment from Hyderabad is strengthening the medical infrastructure at district teaching hospitals' ENT departments. 

Senior health officials stated that healthcare workers at teaching hospitals are also adequately trained to handle such cases and that efforts are being made to ensure that all district headquarter hospitals have adequate medical supplies.

Surgical and medical treatment are required for the treatment of Black fungus. After a CT scan determines the extent of the infection, sinus surgery is performed to remove the infection, and the patients are put on a long course of oral anti-fungal medications. While the surgeries are being completed quickly and the limited availability of Amphotericin-B drug across the country is hampering the quick recovery of patients.

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