Telangana Schools, Colleges May Remain Shut Over Omicron Surge

 - Sakshi Post

The Telangana Department of Health in its report urged the government to keep the educational institutions shut for another 10 days in view of the omicron variant’s likely surge in the next 10 days, especially in the South Indian states. It has urged the Government and the department of education to keep the schools shut for some more days. 

Officials from the Department of Health has advised the Department of Education not to issue an order for opening schools yet, saying it could lead to overcrowding. The department of education is reviewing these proposals, and authorities have stated that whatever the state government chooses would be adopted.

The educational institutions are putting pressure on the department of education to open the schools. Many states that have strict limits on educational institutions are taking moves to open them up. The health department wants the school to be closed for another week after January 30.  However, officials from the Department of Education have stated that the ongoing closure of educational institutions may have a negative influence on children's education, which cannot be allowed.

The department of education is speaking with experts on the safety rules in order to inform the state government of its position. However, if the government decides to keep the educational institution closed, the department of education must follow its decision. While authorities from the health department argue that it is necessary to keep the educational institutions closed in order to protect students from the new type of Corona, officials from the education department argue that the educational institutions' opening cannot be delayed any longer.

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