Telangana: Rising Asymptomatic COVID Cases A Worry For Doctors 

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Public Health Officials of Telangana have stated that asymptomatic Covid positive patients comprise about 80% of the total Covid cases in the second wave. This has become a challenge for the officials to contain the spread of coronavirus.

With the risk involved in engaging with asymptomatic patients, health authorities in Telangana have been urging people to wear masks and follow social distancing. In fact, they have asked people to wear two-layered masks even inside their homes just to prevent the spread of the virus.

People from 10-40 years constitute close to 53 per cent of total Covid infections in the state in which a majority of them are asymptomatic. A large number of asymptomatic patients who are unaware of the virus are the cause for spreading the infection to others. To avoid such possibilities, health officials have urged people not to leave home unless it is important.

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Another way to avoid getting infected by asymptomatic Covid Patients is to avoid large gatherings. The public must follow social distancing and hand hygiene should become a way of life. Usage of N95 masks or double masks by combining a cotton mask over a surgical mask is preferred while stepping out.

Covid is known to spread indoors effectively, hence avoid schools, office buildings, restaurants with indoor dining, shops and shopping malls, at least for 6 to 10 weeks. The health department is asking people to get vaccinated whenever it is available. 

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