Telangana Puts A Cap On Wedding Guests, Funeral Attendees

 - Sakshi Post

Telangana: The state government has implemented regulations requiring those attending wedding-related events to maintain physical distance and to wear masks and obey other Covid protocols.

According to Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, the maximum number of people permitted at a wedding should not exceed 100.

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Funeral-related events should maintain a physical distance, with participants wearing masks and adhering to other Covid-related protocols. The maximum number of people permitted should not exceed 20.

The State government imposed these restrictions in response to an increase in the number of Covid cases across the state and the High Court's findings in the case. All other types of gatherings are forbidden, including social, political, sporting, entertainment, scholarly, religious, and cultural ones.

Since the number of Covid cases in the country has been in recent weeks, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued an order outlining guidelines for effective Covid control, allowing states to enforce local restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid based on their assessment of the situation.

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