Is Telangana Prepared For Third Wave of Covid?

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According to medical and public health officials, the third wave of Coronavirus is likely to be less intense than the second wave in Telangana and also across the country. Medical experts say that the Covid third wave is unlikely to take place in the coming few months due to several factors.

Besides this, an analysis by health officials reveals that there is no strong evidence on the emergence of a new faster-spreading variant of SARS Cov-2 causing a massive surge in cases.

Director of Public Health (DPH) Dr G Srinivasa Rao said, “At present, there are no indications of a third wave in Telangana. State officials are planning to make the state fully vaccinated as early as possible, which will help in containing the spread of the virus. However, people should be very careful and take precautions even after taking the vaccine.”

As per IIT researchers from Kanpur and Hyderabad, it is clear that the third wave is likely to end up as a small ripple. However, there might not be many individuals left to get infected with the virus in urban cities like GHMC, Medchal-Malkajgiri and Rangareddy districts.

The sero-surveillance of ICMR has indicated that more than 60 per cent of individuals in Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana have already developed antibodies for the Coronavirus. Also, there is a considerable population who already got their vaccination done. Telangana officials said that these factors could contain the spread of Coronavirus diluting the surge in Covid cases.

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