Telangana Police To Use Drugalysers Soon!

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The Telangana Police are planning to use drugalysers similar to the breathalysers used in drunken driving checks. According to the reports, some of the companies have already given demonstrations on how to use drugalysers. It is said that these drugalysers will be checked and will be used to conduct random tests on suspects for drugs. Saliva samples are being tested and the result would be instant. A senior police official said that the firms claim the drugalysers are used to detect drugs consumed up to three months before the date of testing. Telangana is not the only state looking forward to having this kind of device but also other states like Gujarat and Kerala are also planning to use this device so that it could control the drug menace.

With the help of drugalysers, it would become easy for the cops to identify who has consumed and who hasn't consumed drugs. The orders will be placed once the government takes a decision on the usage of drugalysers. 

Coming to the breathalyser, a mouthpiece that is attached to the breathalyzer, allows the suspect to blow into the device. During a routine breath test, the breath passes through the vessel to the measurement component of the detector and collects into a vial containing sulfuric acid, potassium dichromate, silver nitrate, and water.

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