Telangana Migrant Worker Stranded in Kabul Wants to Return Home

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The war between the Taliban and Afghanistan has come to an end after 20 years. The Taliban took over Afghanistan and Mohammad Naeem, the spokesman for the Taliban's political office, declared that the war had ended. Following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan's capital city, a Mancherial resident working in Kabul is stuck. He is unable to fly back to India since flight operations from Kabul have been banned, and his frightened family members have asked the Indian government for assistance in bringing him home safely.

Anxious family members of migrant worker Bommana Rajanna say that he is having sleepless nights since the Taliban took over Kabul. Rajanna's wife Vasantha and daughter Ramyam informed reporters late Tuesday evening that he travelled to Kabul as recently as August 7. He is currently attempting to return to India.

For the past eight years, he has been employed by ACCL International, an Afghan-owned global corporation. On June 28, he arrived in India and returned to Kabul for joining duty.

According to Vasantha, Rajanna fled to a foreign country since he did not expect the current crisis in Kabul. However, he is concerned about his repatriation, given the impossibility of flights. "He is unable to get an airplane to return from Afghanistan's capital to India, although his employer has prepared flight tickets," she claimed.

The family members urged the Union government to take immediate action to ensure Rajanna's safe return. They revealed that he was regularly communicating with them over the phone and exchanging information about the foreign country's conditions. They revealed that his colleague Venkanna of Karimnagar district's Oddyaram was also stranded in the city.

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