Telangana: Meet 93 Year Old COVID Survivor From Jagital

 - Sakshi Post

A 93-year-old woman survived the coronavirus with no health complications. By defeating the virus, Narsamma has become a role model for others. Narsamma, who is a native of Katkapur in Raikal mandal, was diagnosed with Covid-19 on April 11.

About 100 people in the village were infected with corona and two of them died, but the woman remained optimistic. Rather than panicking, she followed the doctors' orders and was able to get rid of the virus at home. On April 23, she tested negative for corona.

Speaking of this, she said she had not eaten rice until she was 40 years old and only ate gatka (maize) and vegetables. That was why, even at the age of 93, she was in good health.

She advised that people should not be afraid when they are infected by diseases, they have to overcome the problems.

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