Telangana: Maoists Struggling to Get Covid Treatment and Vaccines 

 - Sakshi Post

Maoist party Dandakaranya special zone divisional committee secretary Gaddam Madhukar was caught by police when he went to Warangal seeking treatment for COVID-19. 

The police took him into custody after they stopped the car in which he was travelling, at Mulugu crossroads. Initially, they suspected he was an ultra but on questioning, it became clear that he was one of the most wanted Maoists.

Madhukar, who hails from Kumurambheem Asifabad district, told the officials that he had come to town as he contracted Coronavirus. He is now being treated in a private hospital.

Madhukar alias Mohan alias Shobhroy explained to the police that many of them were suffering from the virus but were unable to come out as the party leaders are not allowing them to do so.

Madhu also told the police that many top Maoist leaders contracted the virus and are in search of the vaccine. The party leadership wanted to provide vaccine to those who play a vital role in the secret missions, he added.

He said that the Maoist leaders did not take the Covid situation seriously at first, but are now assessing its severity. Madhu confirmed that vaccines had already been ordered to those people who act as Maoist couriers. It is learned that they are trying to procure vaccine even from the neighbouring states of Telangana.

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