Telangana Lockdown 3: New Guidelines For Inter-state, Intra-state Travellers

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The Telangana government has extended the lockdown by another ten days. The new rules will be in effect until June 9. The relaxation period has been extended by four more hours. The new hours of operation are 6 AM to 1 PM., with a one-hour grace period until 2 PM. The Government has prolonged the state lockdown for another 10 days, citing a significant reduction in COVID-19 cases as a result of the state lockdown.

As part of the new guidelines, these are the timings and new rules for RTC bus services.

Those who are coming to Telangana from other states are required to have an ePass. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the state. 

Exemptions apply only for emergency services.

Until 2 PM, all public transportation, including RTC buses, Setwin services, Hyderabad Metro, cabs, and autos, will be allowed. 

From 6.30 AM to 1 PM, bus pass counters are available.

There will be a ban on inter-state services. After 2 PM, apart from private travel, RTC services are also not allowed.

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